How to create life-changing habits- THIS TIME, for good

In this transformative keynote, participants will learn the following principles when it comes to habit formation:

    • What’s biologically standing in our WAY when it comes to habits
    • How our brains work to sabotage our progress and why this happens so easily
    • How to overcome it
    • How to align what we WANT in our minds with what we DO in real life
    • Why we feel so unhappy when there’s not congruence in our lives
    • How to remove roadblocks that stand in the way of our success
    • How to say NO more often- and why it’s so important we DO
    • Why habits are so hard to form and so easy to break
    • What to do when we get off track- and how to get back ON track
    • The non-negotiables to ensure new habits actually LAST
    • How to set up rewards systems to celebrate small wins

And much, much more!