In 2015, I got dumped in the middle of the Seattle airport. I was first dumbfounded, then devastated, then depressed.

“How had this happened again?”, I asked myself, over and over in the following months. “We were doing SO GOOD”, I thought. “We had such a great start- how could it have ended this way?”, I privately told both my therapist, my friends, and my diary.

It took me a full year to get over that relationship. And now, I view it as the best thing that ever happened to me. It allowed me to wholly restart my life- which, of course, only could happen after I restarted my mindset.

Throughout most of my life, almost everyone has called me “a success”.

“You have SUCH a great job”, FAMILY would tell me at Thanksgiving.

“You did very well this year”, BOSSES would say at performance review time.

“You travel so much and seem to have everything you want”, FRIENDS would say, at frequent gatherings.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The truth was- on the inside- I felt somewhat empty and lonely.

I had been repeatedly promoted at work and was making good money, but the truth was- I NEVER FELT SATISFIED. That dissatisfaction with my job and my life stemmed from a dissatisfaction with ME, and that in turn, often led to serious discord in my relationships with both friends and my partners- at least, in the long run.

The 2015 breakup shook me to my core, and nearly shattered me- but it was so painful that it actually motivated me to MAKE A CHANGE– and once I did, I could never go back.

Making that transformational shift in my thinking and outlook changed everything for me, and now it’s my life work to help YOU make that change too.

There is not exactly a “one size fits all” approach for solutioning our problems.

For some of us, we haven’t learned how to create happiness for OURSELVES.

For some of us, we’re still living life for others- our partners, our families, our friends, our bosses. We do what we think the world expects of us, and live for everyone but ourselves.

For others, we haven’t created a clear vision of what we want out of life. Or, if we do have clarity about what we want- it’s somewhat worthless- because we haven’t then gone on and then figured out what to DO about it. Getting clear on your “WHAT”, your “WHY”, and your “HOW” is essential.

There are so many things that hold each of us back in life- I can’t list them all.

What I do know is this: we’re always the cause of all our own problems. How we choose to SHOW UP, or RESPOND to our circumstances or those around us- is always a CHOICE. If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s helping others make better choices. The moment I decided to do that- my entire life changed. I became a COO, a marathon runner, a homeowner, a skier, and now, I’d like to become your coach.

I’ve fully learned how fantastic and magical of a life we all have- and if you’re ready to make your life fantastic and magical- then don’t wait another minute. Contact me now- I’m so excited to meet you.

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