Business Leadership Consulting

If you’re leading a team or organization and aren’t getting the results you want, Amy can help. Amy has spent 21 years working for numerous companies in Corporate America, in both the for-profit and not-for-profit space. Over the last 15 years, she’s led hundreds of people in numerous roles, and fully understands all the key reasons that businesses, organizations, and teams are not successful. She’s intimately familiar with all the non-negotiables that must be present for a team to have success, and all the derailers that hinder success.

Amy offers a diagnostic evaluation of your entire business. She will work to understand every aspect of both your strategy and execution. She’ll identify if your team or organization has a clear vision, mission, and end in mind. She’ll look at your routines and your structure of each day, week, month, and quarter for all the key players on your team. She’ll get an understanding of how well you attract the right players on your team, cultivate and retain top-talent, and help your people develop and grow. She’ll identify the gaps in mindset, behavior, and execution. She’ll give you a list of recommendations for how you can dramatically move your business forward to get the results you want. She will also help you implement these changes if you so choose.

Ultimately, Amy will work to understand every aspect of your organization’s success including:

Are they the right ones? How are they set? Is this process effective?

Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Core Values

Do you have them?

Does your organization know them? Are they the RIGHT ones?

Leadership and Direction

Do you have the right leaders? Are they aligned?

Are there skill gaps?

Communication Skills and Abilities

Are you constantly improving on yours?

People and Talent

How are people developed?

What’s your coaching culture?

Environment and Culture


How do your people think? How does that affect your success?

Processes, Systems and Routine

Do you have the right ones?

Are they consistent?

Recognition and Reward Systems

Do they exist?

Are they frequent enough?

Are they effective?

Strategy, Tactics, and Execution

Are you having problems with the WHY, the WHAT, or the HOW?

This is just a snippet of what Amy will help you dive into. Whether you prefer virtually or in person, Amy will gladly come to you, spend time with the key players on your team, observe behaviors and outcomes, and make key recommendations to you. She will help you design an action plan for what you can do to achieve success, and meet with you regularly as time progresses to ensure that it works and yields results.