VIRTUES – The Seven Practices of Becoming an Exceptional Leader


“This amazing book is truly inspirational and has changed my perspective on leadership. All of Amy’s virtues, including Virtue 7: Showcase Swimming, has encouraged me to continue to demonstrate authenticity and to conduct myself in a veracious manner. Effective leadership is essential for a business to be successful and this book should be in the hands of every leader.”

-Jesse Rivera, Principal and Human Resources Consultant

“Theoretical leadership books are everywhere. If you want a book that explains leadership AND gives you tools, this is the one. We have all been in meetings or worked with teams where one (or likely more than one) of Amy’s messages were needed. Read this book and your meetings will be more effective.”

-Donald Peaks, Chief Lending and Wealth Officer



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Early in her career, Amy had a boss who requested that she come to work while terribly sick, and another boss who raised an eyebrow at her decision to take time off work to attend her grandmother’s funeral. Amy later had an emotional breakdown due to the stress that she felt while working in that environment, and began to notice that many others had similar stories. She began to demand better leadership from future bosses, and also became obsessed with studying leadership.

During the last 2 decades, Amy held leadership roles herself at 6 different companies, as well as served on numerous boards in leadership roles. She constantly observed leadership in those organizations around her, and observed that some individuals at work are happy, motivated, consistently engaged, fiercely loyal, and regularly exceed their results. She’s also noticed employees who lacked all of these things, and everything in between.

Amy has noticed always came down to the same one thing: LEADERSHIP. Terrific and connected teams that were putting up terrific results always did so at the hands of great leadership. And where teams weren’t happy or struggled to meet goals or deliver on results- leadership was always to blame. It became Amy’s life work to truly understand the consistent and specific things that exceptional leaders truly DO on a daily basis, and what makes them so different than the rest.

During the last several years, after much research and observation, Amy has narrowed it down to 7 VIRTUES of great leaders. Whether you’re an aspiring leader, newly promoted, or a seasoned leader seeking breakthrough performance- this book is for you and will forever change how you view leadership. The 7 VIRTUES of Leadership will transform how you engage, empower, and motivate people and help you to create breakthrough, consistent and sustainable results. It will provide the answers to all of your frustrations and challenges in leading a team.

For anyone looking to leave a legacy and change the lives of those around them- this book is a MUST-READ.

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