According to the Human Capital Institute in 2018, 60% of job applicants never hear back from employers after an interview

60% never hear back. That’s huge. But, it’s also not surprising in today’s job market. More people are college-educated than ever before, and many have a masters’ degree. Today, as you compete for your ideal job, you are up against hundreds of others who are just as qualified and have the same experience. How do you show off YOUR unique abilities and skills? How do YOU show that you’re the perfect and ideal candidate for the job?

The reality is:


Know that you’re an ideal candidate for the role, but can’t seem to land the opportunity after you have what felt like a great interview? Or, perhaps interviews are your least favorite thing?

The old saying is practice makes perfect. Well, not exactly. PERFECT practice makes PERFECT. Often times, the way we prepare for interviews- googling “top interview questions”, or running through answers alone in the mirror, or by doing nothing at all- leaves something to be desired.

If you want to land your dream job, you can start by making sure you can carry yourself well in an interview. Amy can absolutely help you with that. She’s conducted hundreds of interviews in her life, and been the applicant in nearly 100 herself, and she knows what your interviewer is looking for.

You’ll start by providing Amy some initial information about the kind of job you want, and a few pieces of information about yourself, your resume, and the kind of job (or the exact job) you’re interviewing for. Then, you’ll schedule an hour interview with Amy, in which you’ll go through a full mock-interview as a role play.

During the interview, after, or both- Amy will provide feedback for how to improve, what to say and do, and what NOT to say and do. Self-awareness for how others perceive us a critical component to how successful we can be in interviews, and Amy will ensure you walk away with that.

If you’d like to then schedule another session or round to practice more, and apply your learnings, future sessions are at a discounted rate.

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