A guide that will transform your coaching FOREVER!

Ever feel like you’re having the same conversation twice? Three times? Maybe more? Do youyou’re your people, ever feel like you’re coaching to the same things over and over again? Why isn’t your coaching working?

These are all common questions that many front-line and middle-management leaders ask themselves often. The truth is: coaching is simple, but it’s not easy.

This keynote walks participants through a simple, 7-step coaching model that has been time-tested and proven to deliver results. Participants will have a shift in how they understand coaching and coach, which will yield them dramatically different outcomes. In this engaging keynote, participates will learn HOW TO:

  • Help their employees SELF-DISCOVER
  • ENGAGE your employees in the coaching process
  • Transfer ACCOUNTABILITY from you, as the coach, to others
  • Ensure they don’t have to keep talking about the SAME THINGS over and over again
  • And much, much more!