Why joy alludes you, and how to create it- PERMANENTLY

Have you always wanted to be “happy”?

Do you have periods in your life when you feel happy momentarily- maybe for a day, a week, a month- but you struggle to feel this happiness and peace long-term?

Is your happiness determined, to a large degree, by things outside of your control?

Maybe it’s your significant other and their actions. Maybe it’s your boss, and how hard he or she is to work with. Maybe you make continual promises to yourself to feel happy WHEN: You know, when you lose that final 10 pounds and can look good in a bathing suit, when you get that promotion and make more money, when the kids get through the terrible 2’s and are in school, when you find the right person to settle down with, when you own that nice car, house, boat, or whatever.

This is so normal, but there’s great news for you: you can absolutely DO something about all of this, and make a decision to feel better, starting TODAY.

One of the biggest mistakes we make, when we think about happiness- is that we CONFUSE it with JOY. Happiness is not JOY, but the two are related, and Amy will share with you how to cultivate BOTH.

In this powerful and transformative keynote, participants will learn actual techniques to take control over their happiness today- and start to feel fulfillment. We’ll discuss:

    • The power of daily gratitude- why it works, and how to start
    • How to practice choosing your response- regardless of what happens to you
    • How to better manage and control your thoughts- which directly create your feelings
    • Life isn’t about what happens to us- it’s about how we choose to respond to what happens to us – how can we better CHOOSE our responses
    • How to LET GO of both the past and the future so we can be in the NOW
    • Recognizing that happiness is NOT about the END- it’s about embracing all the moments along the way- even the tough, challenging, painful ones.
    • What we think about grows- how to stay focused on the RIGHT things
    • Basic Law of Attraction Principles : how we often manifest what we think about
    • Self-fulfilling prophecies- what they really are, and why they work
    • It’s all about what we DO. KNOWING is not DOING. How to ACT on what we know.