Are you struggling to manage your time?

If so, I have good news for you:

In today’s Transformation Tuesday video, I share THREE THINGS you can start TODAY that WILL make a material difference in how much time you have- GURANTEED.

But first, ask yourself:

Do you have enough time for the following buckets? Or, are some falling short?

🥡Career and professional growth
🥡Personal development (including reading and learning!)
🥡Family (including your partner, kids, parents, and extended family)
🥡Friends (most of us benefit from having a social community)
🥡Working on your wildest hopes, goals, and dreams
🥡Board and community involvement (if giving back matters to you)
🥡Faith-based or spiritual activities
🥡Hobbies (sports, instruments, journaling, scrapbooking)
🥡Fun and recreation (travel, creating new shared experiences)
🥡Rest and recovery

If you’re struggling to fit all these in (or several of them), I have GREAT news for you:


All of us have the same 24 hours in a day. But, some of us are effectively and productively able to accomplish ALL our hopes, goals, and dreams (while also making time for a robust personal life).

That’s NOT because luck, chance, fate, coincidence, or happenstance.
It’s because they’re DOING different things.

If you want to reclaim control and power over your time (and your life) then this 6 minute watch is worth your time. As a coach and consultant, this is one of the top things I hear about on a weekly basis

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