This video is about CONFICT in relationships. And one, simple question you can ask yourself when it happens.

Experiencing conflict in even our best relationships is common. People let us down. People disappoint us. No one is perfect all the time.

Often times, when we’ve been wronged or we experience trouble in our relationships, we look outside ourselves for the solution. We expect other people to come apologize. We expect others to mend it. We try to communicate what we’d like the other person to do differently, and then we wait for change.

This can be such a losing strategy. Not only does this kind of thinking TAKE the power and control right out of our hands, but it means we fail to take accountability and remain in our circle of control.

Want your relationships to automatically improve? Then don’t worry about whose FAULT something is. TAKE responsibility by asking YOURSELF what one thing YOU can do next to improve the relationship.

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