Take some ACTION today. ACTION is the key difference-maker in life. All too often, instead of taking actual action, we instead just TALK ABOUT taking action.

Complaining, whining, venting, and listing all the reasons why we CAN’T do something- never gets us anywhere. We can always come up with a million reasons why we CAN’T do something. We waste so much time doing this.

If instead, we simply just focused on taking ACTION, we would be so much more successful. You don’t have to start big. You can start small. Each week, you can identify 1, 2, or 3 things you can do THIS WEEK to simply get you CLOSER to your goal.

Once you’ve identified your actions, writing them down AND sharing it with someone else- makes it FAR more likely that you’ll do it. Often times, it seems that we don’t WANT to write down our action items, because then we’ll be held accountable to it. YES! That’s the point.

People often talk about things they WANT. They’ll say: “Oh, I WISH I could have THIS”, or “I WISH I was more like THAT”, or “I’d love to do X”. When we simply say what we want or we wish for- but don’t take any ACTION around it (we don’t WORK for it), we’re very unlikely to see any change. If want different things, we must DO different things.

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