As leaders, we have TWO JOBS.
1) To influence others.
2) To BE influenced by others.

Without the help of Katia, Chief Administration Officer at SkyOne, this series wouldn’t EVEN EXIST.

That’s right- without Katia doing the FIRST job of leadership (influencing me), and me doing the SECOND job of leadership (allowing myself to BE influenced), I wouldn’t now have a series of 70 videos on leadership, mindset, happiness, positivity, goal-achievement, and so much more.

It wasn’t me that first had the idea for this series. It was Katia. It was Katia that saw something in me, before I could see it in myself. It was Katia who really saw the vision for this series, before I did. If not for Katia prodding me, nudging me, encouraging me- I might not have had the idea for this series- or the confidence, courage, or bravery.

It’s our JOB in leadership- to do EXACTLY this. To see greatness in others. To see talent and ability in others. Often times, we’ll see these things in people before they can see it in themselves. It’s up to US to help others realize their full potential.

Ask yourself now: WHO have I done that for lately? Who have you influenced? Who have you believed in?

Likewise, it’s equally important to consider if someone has done that FOR YOU. Has someone tried to encourage YOU to step out of your comfort zone and try something new? Has someone tried to inspire YOU to break out of what’s safe or comfortable by taking on a new role, leading a new committee, spearheading a new project? If so, what are you doing with that? Have you accepted the challenge? Or shied away from it?

By the way, I didn’t say this in my video, but if someone has successfully inspired you to break out of your shell and grow as a person- don’t forget to THANK THEM. Don’t forget to TELL THEM what that has meant to you. I’ll start: Katia– thanks so much for encouraging me EXACTLY two years ago- around PA season in 2021, to start this series! I’m so happy I did.

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