How good are you at TRUSTING yourself?
How good are you at LISTENING to yourself?
Have you ever been hurt by something someone ELSE said?
Have you ever let yourself be talked out of something you really wanted to do because of others?

At times, we probably ALL struggle with these concepts.

How interesting that the one of the BEST LESSONS I’ve ever heard or learned about TRUSTING MYSELF came from my 6th grade shop teacher.

I still remember being teased, made fun of, mocked out, and laughed at a LOT when I was a kid. I was NOT super popular in middle-school. Every now and again, that would affect my self-esteem and confidence, and in this case, it caused me a make a big CHANGE- and the WRONG change.

I’ll never forget that my 6th grade shop teacher told me after the project was completed. HIs lessons on how important it is that we:

1) TRUST ourselves
2) LISTEN to ourselves
3) Tune out the outside noise out, sometimes
4) Pay close attention to whose advice we buy
5) Have the COURAGE to be different, and be OURSELVES

When we do all this, in childhood and adulthood, we live BETTER and HAPPIER lives. We become more successful and more powerful. We feel fulfilled.

Turns out, these lessons from my 6th grade shop teacher are still relevant and timely today- more than ever before! As Dr. Seuss says: “To be #1, you have to be odd”.

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