The best relationship advice I ever got came to me about 6 years ago.

The toughest thing about this advice, that changed everything?

It’s when we NEED to do it the MOST, we FEEL like doing it the LEAST. It’s always this way.

When we’ve had a disagreement or a conflict, or we feel hurt and disappointed, that’s when we DON’T want to do this. But almost always, it’s when the relationship most requires and would benefit from it.

Before understanding THIS, my relationships always became somewhat lopsided and eventually ended. Today, they feel much stronger and healthier than ever before.

What about YOU? Do you treat LOVE as a VERB? Or, only as a NOUN?

Almost always, we get more of what we want by simply DOING more of that thing, BECOMING more of that thing. This should be great news, because it means, the power lies with US. We don’t need to reactively wait for anyone or anything else to change. WE can be the change we want to see.

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