What “BUBBLES IN YOUR CARPET” are YOU simply PUTTING UP with, instead of dealing with them?

How many of you know what REGION BETA PARADOX is? I didn’t, until Ronald Carino taught me the other day. (Thanks, Ron!). Region Beta Paradox is the phenomenon where we’re more likely to heal from or recover from AWFUL situations than we are BAD ones.

That’s because we’re more likely to DEAL with an awful situation than just a bad one.


If you’re in a lackluster relationship that isn’t good or great, but not horrible either, you might be more likely to stay for a long period of time. If your partner was domestically abusive and beating you, you might be more likely to leave.

If you your back or knee hurts mildly, you might not go to the doctor. But if it were bleeding profusely, you would.

If you had to travel a mile, you’d likely walk it. But the moment you have to travel two, the annoyance of walking becomes too great and you’re likely to bike it or find another way.

That bubble in the carpet of our office is sure annoying but not SO annoying that we’ve been willing to go through the pain of moving literally everything out of the room (desks, chairs, bookshelves, couch) to get it restretched.

Reading about this concept made me wonder how OFTEN and for how LONG we’re willing to put up with mediocrity because we simply don’t want to go through the pain or discomfort of change? At what POINT does the pain of staying the same become greater than the pain of change?

This is something we ALL need to decide for ourselves, but what I’d like to point out is this:

Simply “putting up” with ANYTHING in your life that isn’t awesome, exceptional, or great could be settling. Why NOT puruse greatness? Why not think about all those little situations in your life that are mildly frustrating and just FREAKING HANDLE THEM? OR DEAL WITH THEM?

If you choose to attack these things with GUSTO, instead of getting caught in the REGION BETA PARADOX, your life could be SO much better.

What bubbles are in YOUR carpet? What somewhat lousy (but NOT horrific) situations are YOU tolerating and living with in your life?

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