How much time do you spend each day wrapped up in “drama”? And, are you SURE?

Many of us find reasons to feel frustrated, irritated, upset, angry, bothered at various points during our days, weeks, or months. Often, it’s not so much that we’re bothered by the FACTS (or reality). It’s that we’re bothered by our INTERPRETATION of the facts (or, our interpretation of reality).

Some experts, like Cy Wakeman, estimate that we spend upwards of 2-3 hours a DAY in drama. Cy does such a great job of consistently reminding us that we can always “DITCH THE DRAMA”. I estimate that we spend just as much time at HOME wrapped up in “drama” as we do at work.

What if you could save yourself HOURS every DAY by making sure that you’re not telling yourself STORIES about what’s going on around you? What if you could simply choose to not take OFFENSE? How much better would your life be?

I think the answer is MUCH.

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