This was a tough video to make. I feel frustrated and embarrassed.

And yet, there is SO. MUCH. GOOD.

How often do we fail to “see the good” because we’re wrapped up in all the “bad”? How often do we focus on the 1-2 things that AREN’T going perfectly….and miss the 10-12 things that ARE?

I’ve almost fallen into the trap of doing that with these books. My hardback delivery has been delayed, and I’ve felt anxious and impatient to see, sign, and ship books.

But, as I wrote in the book, our happiness and success comes from solely focusing on what’s within our circle of control- not our circle of concern.

So, I’ve decided to SEE THE GOOD.

Even though my bulk order of hardbacks haven’t arrived yet, paperbacks are arriving in 1-2 days (as they should!) and it is SO FUN seeing them.

For many years, I just wanted to “write a book”. I never knew I’d end up writing TWO! I can CHOOSE to feel pride that my second book is out- even if hardbacks aren’t here quite yet.

I love this second book more than the first. If anyone wants to read about creating happiness, success, and personal power in their lives, this book is for you! Feel free to order on Amazon or my website. Paperbacks are arriving within days; hardbacks might take a few weeks.

Marlisa Mattia, David M. Mard, and Ara Norwood: hope it’s okay that I read excerpts of your reviews in this video- which are all housed on the book cover! Loved all your words!