SO many of my clients tell me on a weekly basis- that the #1 thing they’re struggling with in their life- is TIME.

They all want the same thing: the HACK. They ask me or tell me: “How do you get it ALL done?”. “How can I set better boundaries and learn how to just say NO?”. “I feel so overwhelmed trying to do it ALL- what process do YOU use?”. “How do I make/create/find/have more TIME?”.

All of my clients wear NUMEROUS hats. Most of them are fully-employed, and many of them in BIG roles. They either have several employees (or whole companies) they’re leading, numerous clients they must attend to, or a plethora of serious goals, projects, deliverables, and deadlines they’re wanting to not only meet- but EXCEL at.

Outside of work, they have numerous other responsibilities. Some are caring for their aging parents. Others are parents themselves, and trying to be great mothers and fathers to numerous children.

Many of them are in relationships- and want to be amazing spouses or partners to their loved ones.

Many have health and fitness goals and are trying to figure out how to eat healthier on the go or get to the gym every day.

Almost all of them have personal goals and hobbies, too. They want to travel more- see the world- or find the time to scrapbook, garden, or see friends.

Still others are part of sports teams, clubs, or boards.

This is BEFORE they find the time to just sit down and read a book. Or go to the salon for a haircut or color. Get a pedicure. Get to the dentist for the regular cleaning. See a doctor for a checkup. Or, you know- just buy groceries.

Life is complex. And at times, it can feel OVERWHELMING to ALL of US.

In this video, I share that 4DX (the 4 Disciplines of Execution) helped me TREMEDNOUSLY. Creating WIGS, Focusing on Lead Measures, Keeping a Compelling Scoreboard, and Creating a Cadence of Accountability for yourself can work wonders. For ANYONE wanting to get in control of their life and be more organized, I highly recommend this book.

I also strongly recommend using a calendaring process. Whether it’s in outlook on your PC, or on your phone, or just on paper- giving the most important and biggest rocks in your life- a time and place to LIVE and BREATHE on your calendar- then living and dying by that calendar- is incredibly helpful.

But- outside of those two things, the focus of this video is how you MANAGE TRANSITIONS. We have NUMEROUS transitions in our daily life. What I found, when I looked at my own transitions was that I was losing an INORDINATE amount of time in between hugely important things. It wasn’t that I was ineffective in how quickly I could read a book, prepare my lunch, get on my workout clothes- it was that I was ineffective in my MOVEMENT BETWEEN each of these activities.

This video shares a few ways to create MORE time in your life, and if you’d like to chat or talk about how to do this to an even greater extent- I’m a message away!

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