I know you might not WANT to.
I know you might not FEEL like it.
I know you might be scared, anxious, tired, or bored.
My advice? DO IT ANYWAY.

Successful people are ALL ABOUT action.
They don’t just sit around in thought.
They hatch a plan, and they TAKE ACTION.

I know how hard this can be.
But isn’t watching everything stay the same even HARDER?

Remember, the pain of REGRET outweighs the pain of DISCIPLINE.

Successful people do things, every day, that they don’t FEEL like doing. This is actually what MAKES them so successful.

If we only do the things we WANT to do, we never grow, advance, develop, evolve. If we want things to change in your life, then WE have to change. Change starts with ourselves.

As Mel Robbins said the other day- don’t NOT do something just because you don’t FEEL like it. Because, the DOING actually CHANGES how we feel.

Don’t feel like working out? Guess what. If you DO, your feelings about working out will actually CHANGE. You’ll feel MORE like it by DOING it. It’s the same with almost/nearly EVERYTHING in life.

If this is YOUR YEAR, then you must be prepared to ACT. And, you want htis to be your BEST year yet, you must be prepared to act DIFFERENTLY than you did in previous years.

Yep, it’s going to be scary, tiring, and hard. Act ANYWAY.

I’d love to hear what action YOU’RE taking this year.
What you’re doing that you don’t FEEL like doing.

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