I’ve looked forward to this moment for a YEAR!

I just saw a paperback copy of my book for the FIRST TIME! That’s right, after an entire YEAR of writing this book (and a FEW years of imagining and dreaming about it!), I finally got to HOLD A BOOK! HUGELY exciting moment.

I want to thank you ALL so much for helping the 6 H.A.B.I.T.S. reach #1 bestseller status on Amazon in BOTH Success and Spirituality, as well as Self-Esteem!

The campaign is STILL going on! The book has made it to #11 in Self-Help overall but I’d love to see it go #1!

This book is all about OURSELVES. This book is all about:

❤️ Self-Love and Self-Care
❤️ Self-Awareness and Self-Discovery
❤️ Self-Improvement
❤️ Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
❤️ Self-Forgiveness
❤️ Self-Actualization

If you want this 2024 to be your best year yet, don’t go a step farther without this book!

Every sale matters, so if you haven’t grabbed your special $1.99 copy yet and want to support the cause, I’d love that! Here’s the link:


The book is still climbing the charts, so please share it with someone you know if you haven’t already!

I can’t thank the following people enough:

Editing: Karen L. Tucker
Formatting: Duncan MacLeod
Website Design: Ara Agopian
Emotional Support: David Krautter

Also, GIANT THANKS one more to the following people for contributing the book. Maarten, Dr. Reggie, Joseph, Marlisa, Monica, Emma, Willis, David M. Mard, Ara Norwood, and Felicia). You can see your reviews in the book’s preview/sample on Amazon now!

I couldn’t have done this without your help.

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