I can’t tell you how many times I’ve SCREWED UP. Here’s what I’ve learned NOT to say, think, or do when that happens.

Late last week, I shared a video about one of my clients that had a “bad” week. In that video, I remarked that success is NOT a straight line. That just because we’ve started to make progress in the right direction does NOT mean that ALL we’ll see from there on out will be sunny skies and smooth waters. When we’re moving towards a goal, it’s VERY normal for us to take steps backward or regress.

After I made this video, someone asked me if I could talk about times that this has happened to ME? I laughed, and asked how much time this person had!

I can’t TELL YOU the number of times this has happened to me. It’s nearly every week! I’ve figured out that success is not an absence of failure, but rather, how we recover from and move forward from failures. If we can figure that out, our failures won’t be permanent, but rather, momentary and part of a learning process.

In this video, I share three specific ways I have failed often, but what I tell myself, think to myself, and DO when these moments happen. Beating ourselves up and punishing ourselves is NOT the answer. How we “SHOW UP” for ourselves, love ourselves, respect ourselves, and support ourselves during times we’ve missed a goal, made a mistake, or had a bad week determine how likely we are to KEEP GOING.

How you TALK to yourself and what you think and do in these moments REALLY matters in life.

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