Success is NOT a straight line. Don’t expect it to be. Here’s WHY.

When we start making forward progress in a direction, it’s easy to conclude (or hope!) that there’s nothing but sunny skies and smooth sailing again. This FALSE EXPECTATION sets us up for SO much disappointment and unecessary suffering. Thinking that you’re never going to regress, take a step backwards, have a bad day, or fall off the wagon momentarily sends the WRONG MESSAGE to your subconscious mind.

This kind of thinking sends the message to your brain that PERFECTION is more important than PROGRESS. The truth is- it’s the other way around. It’s PROGRESS that’s so much more important than perfection. Perfection doesn’t really exist and can’t be obtained.

When we’re doing things we’ve never done before in hopes to get results we’ve never had before, we’re likely changing habits, beliefs, mindsets, paradigms, patterns of behavior and thought- and all of that IS HARD. It’s hard, grueling work, and it shouldn’t be underestimated.

It would be CRAZY to expect that we’re going to change past patterns or habits that, in some cases, have existed for YEARS and not ever have a step back. Telling ourselves that these momentarily steps back are a BAD THING puts undue stress on our systems and isn’t really KIND, LOVING, OR SUPPORTIVE – of OURSELVES.

If you have good momentum and in general, are moving forward, you’ll benefit heavily from showing yourself a little bit of GRACE. I guarantee it.