A good friend asked me this morning if she should stay in a situation that’s “okay, but not great”. It has SOME of the things she wants, but not everything she wants.

I LOVED this question, because we ALL struggle with this concept SO much. Almost all of us, at one time or another, has been in a situation that we weren’t 100% satisfied with- and chose to stay for a period of time. It might be a job we liked but didn’t love, a relationship we liked but didn’t love, or a body that we liked but didn’t love. However- the thought of DOING THE WORK to CHANGE it felt too great- and so we negotiated with ourselves that it was OK for the time being.

I strongly recommend AGAINST doing this. When we do this- stay in situations that are acceptable but fall short of what we REALLY want- we send both ourselves AND the universe subconscious messages and signals that it ISN’T what we really want. We begin to teach ourselves that it’s okay to settle, or have whatever is second best. We start to believe that EXTRAORDINARY can’t be OURS, that WONDERFUL, dream lives only belong to the CHOSEN FEW.

When we want something- we MUST pursue it fully. We must go ALL-IN. We have to pursue it with gusto, vigor, and determination. As Will Smith said: “There’s no reason to have a Plan B, because it distracts from Plan A”. I couldn’t possibly agree with him more. If you want something out of life- you’ve got to visualize it. Write it down, look at it often, commit to it fully. Then get to work in identifying the VERY NEXT steps to making it YOURS. Chase it.

Whatever you do- don’t settle. Don’t make PRO and CON lists about why the mediocre job, house, relationship, or body you have is GOOD ENOUGH when you’re secretly wanting more. Success, love, happiness, wealth can ALL be YOURS but it can ONLY be yours if YOU believe it. You MUST trust yourself enough to start over, to go backwards, to make a change, and to do the work.

The choice is up to you. There’s pain EITHER WAY. But in general, the pain of hard work and discipline weights far LESS than the pain of regret- wishing later that you had tried harder, made the shift, made the move, dug in.

If you’d like to start creating the exceptional life you want, I’m a phone call away and would love to strategize with you in a free discovery call.

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