Babe Ruth said: “It’s hard to beat the person who never gives up”.

Thomas Edison said: “The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”.

Will Smith said: “There’s no reason to have a Plan B, because it distracts from Plan A”.

Winston Churchill said: “Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm or energy”.

I think all four of these men know a thing or two about success, and today, I challenge you NEVER to GIVE UP. Don’t turn your back on your dreams. Don’t make a backup plan or create a failsafe in your mind. Don’t think about the “WHAT IF” this DOESN’T work out. Tell yourself it WILL. Decide that it WILL. Make it so. Self-fulfilling prophecies are a REAL THING, people. And we, as humans, can do ANYTHING we want.

The problem is: most of us quit. Most of us give up. Most of us throw in the towel way too early. Most of us retreat. Most of us hit that first speed-bump on the way to our dreams and recant. Maybe we do this because we’re afraid. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to look foolish in front of our friends and families. Maybe it’s because we have fixed mindsets. Maybe it’s because we, as humans, have been taught to avoid pain and embrace ease and comfort.

There’s a list of reasons TOO LONG to post, but the reality is- most of us don’t hang in, don’t ENDURE for the long haul. Quite frankly- it’s why way too many of us are living lives of mediocrity. If there’s something that you REALLY want to do – whether it’s a different career, a trip you want to take, a side hustle you want to start, a way you want to dress, a song you want to sing, a book you want to write, a place you want to live- then STOP WASTING valuable TIME just dreaming about it, or thinking it.

Get after it and make it yours.

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