Countless clients, colleagues, and friends have said the following to me: “My job is good; not great. It pays the bills. I don’t know what I’d do if not this. Maybe I’m not supposed to be in love with my career; lots of people don’t love their job. I’m bored. It’s okay for now”.

These comments make me cringe. Many spend more waking hours at our jobs than with our families. Most spend 40 years of our lives working. Shouldn’t we all have a job we truly love? Shouldn’t we all find work that lights us up inside? Shouldn’t we enjoy being at work? I think so.

Since becoming a professional coach, I’ve encouraged clients to truly swing for the fences when it comes to their work. If you’re not in love with your job and would like to improve it, here’s 4 places you can start. 

1. Identify what you LOVE to do. (Your passion).
2. Identify what you are naturally GREAT at doing (your potential).
3. Identify what other will PAY you well to do. (profits).
4. Identify a role that will work well with the rest of your LIFE.

I talk about each of these, but if you’re looking to change something about your career, asking yourself these 4 questions is a great way to start.

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