One of greatest lessons I ever learned in leadership and life: stop looking for the silver / magic bullet.

I hope Johnny Montes doesn’t mind that I share this lesson I FIRST learned from him- then validated for myself MANY times over in life. Recognizing that great companies AND great human beings don’t just seek out the shortest or fastest way in the fewest steps- but identify NUMEROUS behaviors and activities that will lead to success- changed EVERYTHING for me.

Thanks, Johnny for some valuable advice that first affected my ‘CER’ back in 2013, but later affected my marathon running, skiing, book writing, relationship building, career, and entire life.

Sidenote: Robert Villaneda: you’re the “Robert” in this story. 9 years ago, and I still remember this moment even though I’d imagine it’s long-forgotten by most others. But you taught me so much that day; thank you.

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