I think this might be one of my favorite videos I’ve ever made.

I share the 7th “P” of Personal Power and talk about the Stockdale Paradox- and how it all relates to our lives.

In the Vietnam War, Admiral Jim Stockdale was a POW and held captive for 8 years. He observed that the ones who made it out were those who BOTH confronted and accepted the brutal facts of the reality- but ALSO kept the faith and hope that they would PREVAIL in the end. They did not confuse those two things. They accepted were they were, and confronted the truth about what was happening but they ALSO, at the same time, believed they would be able to PERSIST.

Staying POSITIVE can be hard. It’s especially hard during TOUGH TIMES- when we’re getting challenged by someone at home or at work, when we’re getting rejected by prospective clients, when outside or unforeseen circumstances don’t cooperate. Maybe you got COVID. Maybe you fell ill or sick in an even worse way. Maybe the weather didn’t do what you wanted it to. Maybe someone you love didn’t do what you wanted them to. Bad things happen, and the road to success is LONG- it is GOING to be littered with some difficult challenges and obstacles along the way. What you do and how you think about yourself, your purpose, your plans, your passion, and you path along the way- will DEFINE you.

Choose to be positive. Choose to know you will prevail in the end. As Henry Ford said: “whether you think you can, or think you can’t- either way, you’re right”. W hat does this quote mean? It means that self-fulfilling prophecies are a REAL thing. Special thanks to Joseph Whitaker for introducing me to the Stockdale Paradox; this concept has come to make SO much sense to me. 

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