When JFK visited NASA in 1962, he met a janitor. President Kennedy asked the janitor what he was doing there. The janitor’s answer has profoundly changed my view of leadership.

In leadership, we badly want our employees to be as excited as we are about the vision, mission, and purpose of the company. All too often, however, we expect that it should come from THEM.

NOT TRUE. As a leader, it’s YOUR JOB to make sure they’re excited about the company’s vision and ALSO to see how THEY play a part in making it happen. It’s up to YOU to help them see how their work matters; how they fit in.

You should talk about it ALL THE TIME. You should be engaging employees at ALL levels in dialogues about it. You should reward and recognize people for doing it well. Don’t do those things? Then you can absolutely expect to fail.

Lead a company such that your “janitors” or most entry-level employees would give an answer like the one JFK got back in 1962.

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