Most of us think that knowledge comes BEFORE belief. We want proof, evidence, facts, data- to show and tell us that we’re right about something. We want to SEE it- before we believe it.

The most successful people in the world DON’T THINK THIS WAY.

The most successful people in the world run that equation in REVERSE. They know that BY the mere fact of them believing something- it’s MORE LIKELY to happen. They know that self-fulfilling prophecies are a REAL THING.

Henry Ford said it best: “whether you think you CAN, or think you CAN’T, either way, you’re RIGHT”. When we believe in our power and ability to make something happen- we usually do. When we DON’T believe that we can make something happen- we usually DON’T. So, belief actually comes before knowledge. We must believe it before we see it- not the other way around.

How many things in YOUR life are you making happen (or not happen) simply because of your beliefs? What beliefs might you have that are HOLDING YOU BACK from greatness? What beliefs might you have that actually sabotage you or stand in your way? What beliefs do you have that might not be serving you?

From a recent video, you might remember that our subconscious minds largely dictate what we think and feel- at least, when we LET them. Our subconscious minds also run on auto-pilot. They run old, automated programs that they’ve been playing for years, designed to keep us safe and protect us. So, it’s possible that some of our beliefs aren’t CORRECT. We might believe: “Oh gosh, I could never do that. That’s too hard for me”. But it’s that VERY BELIEF that is causing us to not TRY as hard, or do as much.

When we change our beliefs- our entire world can change. How much time have YOU recently given to what beliefs you have or are operating with? #believe #beliefs #mindset #power #control #takecontrol #empoweryourself #coach #coaching #lifecoach #careercoach #executivecoaching #knowledge #beliefsystems