What are your BELIEFS? Do you even KNOW? And, what if some of them are not SERVING you?

Our beliefs are very important. They explain how we interpret and see everything in the world, including ourselves and other people. They explain how we face challenges, how we resolve problems, how we identify solutions, and how successful we can be.

Our beliefs are not always KNOWN to us. Many of them operate at a subconscious level. Many of our beliefs were given to us in childhood. Many of us accept them as truth and reality- even though they might only be opinion. In other words- our beliefs can be FALSE. What’s on YOUR belief window?

While our beliefs often are ingrained in us as children, and we’ve been living with them our whole lives, we actually have the POWER to CHANGE them. And sometimes, changing our beliefs allows us to make major changes in our entire lives. See, our beliefs come from our experiences, but they also predict our ACTIONS. Our actions lead to our results.

It makes a LOT of sense to take the time to THINK ABOUT what your beliefs actually are, and ask yourself a very important question: Are all of my beliefs SERVING ME? Are there any beliefs I have that are harming me – instead of helping me? Are there beliefs I have that are making my relationships more difficult? Are there beliefs I have that might be sabatoging my ability to be successful?

It’s important we identify those and check in with ourselves. I can’t tell you how MANY beliefs I’ve changed over the last 7 years- but the list is long. Changing my faulty beliefs allowed me to change EVERYTHING in my entire life.

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